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The book cover images in the table below are respective links to the details for each of Cap's published books.

Cap's books are available in print and digital form (of the reader's choice) from brick & mortar retailers, and all on-line services.  If a customer has any difficulty obtaining a cop(ies) of Cap's books, please contact him immediately via the Contact form, with the obstacles faced. so the issue can be resolved promptly.

To take Sir Winston's wisdom illuminated on Cap's Home page, criticism is essential to good writing and certainly to improvement.  As a universal rule and invitation, Cap eagerly encourages readers to send along their reviews, opinions, perspective and suggestions — good, bad or ugly — regarding any of his books or wirting in any form .



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If you want to know more about what lies ahead . . .

The ANOD series of science fiction novels.

The TO SO FEW series of historical fiction novels.






As the header indicates, Cap has outlined, sketched, researched and begun writing several new projects, and keeps a file of many more ideas. Writing and story telling are true pleasures.


Apocalypse Endeavor

              WAS IT A horrible nightmare, or is it a premonition of what is to come? All too soon, a family, on their annual pre-Christmas skiing vacation in the Rocky Mountains, finds out the nightmare is real. The permanent loss of electrical power and the otherwise over-crowded population of the bloated mountain village thrusts the family into the anarchy of desperate people trying to survive the cruelty of winter in the high mountains. [19.12.96]

To So Few (Book VI) - Deflection

             WITH THE BATTLE of Britain won and the invasion threat pushed back to next Spring, the pilots of Fighter Command turn their attention to the night intruders as the Blitz reaches its full savagery. Brian Drummond recovers from his combat injuries and joins the newly formed American volunteer, No.71 'Eagle' Squadron and different aircraft from his beloved Spitfire.  Great Britain continued to stand alone against Nazi aggression as Hitler's attention is deflected from the English Channel to the enormous reaches of the Soviet Union. Then, fate brings them the infamous events of 7.December.1941 and finally a reluctant partner to the world struggle against tyranny. [27.9.97]

The outline for the complete TO SO FEW series of historical fiction novels can be reviewed via this LINK.

 Innocence Lost

              A SIMPLE AND honorable farm boy from the San Jaoquin Valley of California saw the tragic events that embroiled the world in August 1914. He heeded his nation's call to arms in the spring of 1917. He joined the United States Marine Corps. After his basic training, he was assigned to 78th Company, 6th Regiment, 4th Brigade, 2nd Division, and soon deployed to France. He was part of the heroic & legendary Marine battles on the Western Front -- Chateau Thierey, Belleau Wood, . This is the story of Private Charles Newton Parlier, USMC -- 1895-1957. [16.12.98]



 The Living Gift of Life

              THE NATIONAL MARROW Donor Program (NMDP), the keeper of the national registry of volunteer, unrelated, bone marrow donors, saving precious lives from the grips of fatal diseases. This book will be the first, comprehensive history of NMDP, how it came into existence and how it has changed in the first 15 years of its operating life. The outline for The Living Gift of Life is available. [25.3.01]



Anod's Redemption

The screenplay version of Anod's second book will probably wait for some other things to happen first. If anyone has an opinion, let's hear it.



There are many other ideas for follow-on projects as well as entirely new directions.

The desires of Cap's readers are very important!

Contact Cap in Wichita, Kansas, via the site Contact form.

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