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Update from the Heartland

                 CAP'S WEB LOG (Blog) began as a family newsletter during his employment in Italy (2001-2003) and transformed into a public forum of political debate and discourse. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to participate, anonymously to the forum for candid exchange of opinions on contemporary issues.  Any topic is fair game, but Cap generally features contemporary events, issues and interests.  Occassionally, he inserts a travelogue, since readers indicate interest in such journal entries.  Again, everyone is invited to join in a vigorous public debate -- the lifeblood of all free societies.

Essays by Cap Parlier

                 ESSAYS ON TOPICS ranging from leadership and diversity to gender integration in the military and abuse of power.  Thse essays were written prior to the creation of the Blog that allowed more interactive exchange of perspective on contemporary issues.  The essays were snap-shots of time, and in some cases have been superceded or evolved.

Short Stories by Cap Parlier

                 THESE SHORT STORIES began with a writing contest and grew into more -- a little, short entertainment.

A Listing of Cap's Articles

                 THESE ARTICLES HAVE been published in various periodicals.

A Listing of Cap's Technical Papers

                 THESE TECHNICAL PAPERS have been published and presented at professional forae.

 For those interested in Cap's work in progress and potential future projects, click HERE.


                      Regardless of our attitudes toward sex, sexuality, sexual conduct or the morality of sex, we are all human beings and sex is a natural, normal element of life itself.  Sex is an important and essential human activity.   We can argue that sex is primarily, some will say solely, for procreation only, not for hedonistic pleasure.  Yet, Freedom of Choice is also one of the many fundamental rights of every citizen in a free society.  For those who may wish to proceed beyond this declaration to read selected erotic material, you are welcome to click the link HERE.

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