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To So Few - Overlord

The tenth book of the TO SO FEW series of historical novels.

                     NOVEL OF Courage by Cap Parlier.  Overlord is the tenth book of Cap Parlier’s To So Few series of historical novels.

U.S. ARMY TROOP build-up is well underway with significant training operations in preparation for Operation OVERLORD. Brian and his comrades transition to the P-51D Mustang and begin long-range bomber escort operations into the heart of Germany. Churchill meets with Eisenhower as the invasion plans are solidified. Charlotte continues to raise their son and expand the Drummond’s business interests as Brian continues his service in a fighter cockpit. The fighter pilots carryout all-out, high tempo operations in direct support of the Normandy landings. With Brian deeply engaged in operations, he is deeply shaken when Charlotte is seriously injured and Ian is tragically killed by errant V1 buzz bomb; Charlotte is shattered, almost gives up, and then vows to have many children so none of them will be alone as she was. Brian participates in ground and escort operations as Allied forces race across France and into Germany where they face the Battle of the Bulge.

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Parlier, Cap. To So Few – Overlord.  Solvang, CA: Saint Gaudens Press, 2022.

ISBN: original
print: 978-0-943039-65-7
eBook: 978-0-943039-66-4 

 Library of Congress Catalog Number: 2022-946120.


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