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The Encyclopedia of Media and Politics

        CONGRESSIONAL QUARTERLY PRESS contracted for a compendium of encyclopedic material edited by Todd M. Schaefer and Thomas A. Birkland to portray the key elements of Media and Politics that have shaped the American national heritage blooming from the First Amendment. Cap's fortuitous involvement in this project came via a good friend and includes writing all the biographical items.

Cap wrote 149 biographies in the book:
from Arunah Shepherdson Abell to Mortimer Benjamin Zuckerman [alphabetically], and
from John Peter Zenger (1697 – 1746) to Sidney S. Blumenthal (1948 - ) [chronologically].

Cap a unique opportunity to learn about important people in American history and contribute within an ambitious timetable. While you may not wish to acquire your own copy, perhaps you will be able to peruse this magnificent volume at your local library. The bottom line for Cap was a new experience. While the book is largely an academic or scholarly reference source, this work is important for anyone who seeks the history of the First Amendment's evolution in American society.

Copyright © 2007, CQ Press. All rights reserved.




Schaefer, Todd M., and Thomas A. Birkland (eds.). The Encyclopedia of Media & Politics. Washington, DC: CQ Press, 2007.
ISBN:          1-568028-35-0
Library of Congress Catalog Number: 2006-031567



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