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Apocalypse Endeavor

                       NOVEL OF Survival by Cap Parlier.  Apocalypse Endeavor is an intriguing story of one family’s struggle for survival in the high Rocky Mountains during deep winter. The Parks family arrived in Breckenridge, Colorado, for their annual, pre-Christmas, ski holiday only to be thrust immediately into a desperate survival situation when everything electrical or electronic fails in an instant. Think about it . . . contemporary life without electricity or electrical items, tools, equipment, or service. Carl Parks uses the skills he learned during his Marine Corps service and leads his family through the difficult days of gathering resources to provide for and protect his family through the depths of the long winter until the spring thaw arrives. The family must deal with bad elements among them who will kill to gain what they acquired. Nearby families in the same circumstances seek out and ban together with the Parks family for mutual protection and survival. When springtime finally arrives, the group of 23, along with the Parks’ newborn granddaughter, hikes out of their confines over a high mountain pass to lower elevations and warmer weather. They finally learn what caused the crisis. You never realize how dependent contemporary life is, based on electricity until it vanishes in an instant. Cap Parlier weaves an intriguing story that engages the reader and makes us think . . . what if . . .
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 Ms. Nancy Malcom, author, self-employed, Nevada, Missouri:
"Cap this book, "Apocalypse Endeavor" is a winner! Having just had eye surgery, it took me longer to finish it than I wanted to. Once I started reading it was very difficult to stop. Your descriptions and character development were terrific! The plot, played out well and your technique really drew me into the moment. I don't think I'll forget that apartment in building 3! Anyone can enjoy this story, and some survivalists will surely keep it in their gun cabinets and make everyone they know read it. I wish you had shared a little more on making jerky -- LOL! A suspenseful story told with fast-paced style! I thoroughly enjoyed it and want to congratulate you on a job VERY well done! I know this one will give you the recognition you so richly deserve. Keep writing!"

Mark Allen Rogers [USNA 1970], Franklin, Tennessee:
Just finished your amazing book Apocalypse Endeavor!! You are one talented dude, Cap.


Parlier, Cap.  Apocalypse Endeavor.  Solvang, CA: Saint Gaudens Press, Inc., 2019

ISBN: original
print: 978-0-943039-51-0
eBook: 978-0-943039-52-7
Kindle: B07XPN67BF

 Library of Congress Catalog Number: 2019-904471


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