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To So Few - The Prelude

The second book of the TO SO FEW series of historical novels.

To So Few - The Prelude                       A NOVEL OF Courage by Cap Parlier. Brian Drummond grew up in Wichita, Kansas. He learned to fly with the best. In June 1939, the approaching storm clouds of war in Europe captured his dreams, desires and attention. Abandoning all he had known after he graduated from high school, Brian defied Federal law and left for Canada to join the Royal Air Force. The fine, curvaceous lines of the Supermarine Spitfire and the throaty tones of its Merlin engine completed his seduction as the Second World War began. Brian became a man as he demonstrated his skills with the best fighter aircraft in the world.

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Peter Gipson [the first review of Prelude]:
"This is the second book in a series about a young American airman who defied his parents and fled underage into Canada to join the RAF and fly Spitfires in World War Two. I am in awe at the research that the writer has involved himself in writing this story. The story line involves our young pilot convincing the RAF that he could be fast tracked to a Spitfire squadron, ready for The Battle of Britain and the political assignations of the period. These involve the closer contacts between Churchill and Roosevelt as the world prepares for war. There are gripping problems with our airman acting contrary to The Neutrality Act as he flees underage from home. Once in England he falls in love with a lady who encouraged some doubt in my mind. This turns out to be an accurate assumption as you will discover." 


Parlier, Cap. To So Few – The Prelude.  Solvang, CA: Saint Gaudens Press, 2013.

ISBN:  print:  978-0-943039-24-4
eBook: 978-0-943039-17-6
Kindle: 978-0-943039-17-6

Library of Congress Catalog Number: 2014-915605



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