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The Phoenix Seduction

                   A NOVEL OF the Future by Cap Parlier. !!Homo Sapiens & the crucible of cultures and society!! Mankind on Earth responded to hard choices creating the Society . . . to eliminate the detractors of human nature. Lieutenant Anod, a warrior-servant of the Society, finds herself among humans banished from Earth centuries earlier. She learns of her humanness from these descendants of Earth, who retained their agrarian, technology-abhorrent, cultural roots on the distant planet, Beta. The crucible of cultural conflict draws from the best of both worlds to create a new branch in the tree of Homo Sapiens.

Copyright © 1995, Cap Parlier.  All rights reserved.

Publication History

Cap tried the conventional route of finding an interested literary agent, who in turn convinced a ‘reputable’ publisher to champion his first book.  Commonwealth Publications, Ltd, of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, published “The Phoenix Seduction” in 1995.  Commonwealth went out of business in 1997. Cap has a very limited number of copies of this edition; please see ordering instructions for those interested in a copy of this edition.

Saint Gaudens Press picked up the rights to this book and decided to offer a reprint of “The Phoenix Seduction” under its imprint, re-titled as “Anod’s Seduction,” as a companion volume for Cap’s second book in the Anod series – "Anod’s Redemption."


A small collection of reviews and feedback Cap has received.

Ms. Julia Stansel, Co-op Administrator - Books, hastings Entertainment:
"This is a great new sci-fi book you will want to read! It was Great!! I loved it. The feminist in me loved the fact she didn't feel she had to marry Bradley, and I found it amusing how she considered it a type of imprisonment. I have been bragging on this book to several of my friends who have sworn to purchase a copy as soon as it's on the shelves. I just loved it. I can't wait for the sequel. I would love to see this book become a movie."

Mr. David Genet:
"I say, 'good read.' I was curious about the fate of the characters and wanted to press on to have the larger issues in the story revealed. You very convincingly portrayed a memorable female character unique in my experience and told a coming of age story through the eyes of a confident adult prepared to enjoy her coming of age without a guilt complex. Now that is interesting. If I were editing the manuscript there would have been a lot of 'Well saids!' and 'Right ons!' in the margin."

 Ms. Joyce McMullan:
"I'm a big fan."

Mr. Keith A. Banks:
"Definitely worth the read!!
The book left me wanting to know more about Anod's Society, and what brought about the betrayal by her commander. Also, there is a great deal more that could be done with the smugglers. The 'awakening' of Anod is told from a fresh perspective that is somewhat reminiscent of Heinlein in 'I Will Fear No Evil.' I am anxious for the sequel to find out how Anod will adapt to the new surroundings, and how the conflict with the Yorax will be resolved. Keep Writing!!!!"

Col Stephen A. Hanvey, USMCR (Ret):
"To be real frank, it held my interest like a Tom Clancy book does. It looks great to me!! The PHOENIX SEDUCTION reads like a future that Tom Clancy would write about in a few decades. Cap has questioned many of the values that societies set on pedestals yet he has provided a logical and thoughtful view of the possibilities and opportunities if those same values are seen through a different perspective. What is especially noteworthy is the view through a warrior then a woman's eyes and yet is written by a male who was a warrior in an earlier day."

Ms. Charlotte L. Schlender:
"I read some science fiction as a teacher of students, ages 11 to 17 or so, authors such as Ray Bradbury of the contemporary world and Jules Verne from the past, but have read nothing from today's science fiction genre until your book. I am beginning to see a charmed uniqueness in the writing style of this book. It has been an adventure into the writing and thus the reading of science fiction. Not only my consciousness of the genre's intellectual worth but also my respect has been raised to a greater level of appreciation. You see, I am spending some time learning something new to me -- always a good experience. I felt that the eternal verity of always striving to make the right (moral) choices is prevalent throughout this novel. I think it is interesting that your title incorporates the Greek mythological idea of death through fire with rebirth into new life. Symbolism is an added bonus in a story, a subtle way to show instead of telling a basic truth. I also appreciated you placing of a woman in this novel as the most important and powerful character -- a nice touch from a masculine writer. It was a pleasure to read your book, and then to have the added privilege of discussing it, though in the abstract, with the author."

Dan from fdd@SoCA.com:
"I just read your novel and really enjoyed it."

Mr. John Brooks:
"I just finished your book over the weekend, and I found it quite enjoyable. The reading was absorbing and went very fast. Personally, I would have preferred more emphasis on the technical aspects, but I know that is just the engineer coming out in me."

Mr. Bruce Stephens:
"Excellent book, dude! I was very disappointed when I completed the book. I could have read a couple of chapters a week for the rest of my life. There were a couple of very lucky guys in the book. Good plot. This would make a very exciting movie. Let me know when the next comes out. THANKS!"

Mr. Dean Mefford:
"I am enjoying the book. However, I have found one point I do not agree with. It's the subject of sexual intercourse as written in the book. Please do not misunderstand me. I am not offended by your writing. As an adult I find that a little sexuality in the book is keeping my interest. It's that I have been reading SF from about the time I was 11 years old. I find your book too mature for a child of this age. Or even early teens. As a parent, I would like you to label your books with this style of writing. Example: "Contains adult themes" This would help me determine what my child should read and at what age. Unlike so many parents today, I am trying to take an interest in raising and being a part of my child's life."
Cap's comment: Dean's observation is greatly appreciated. As some have seen, THE PHOENIX SEDUCTION, is in measure a coming of age story. An author always tries to find balance in any story, Cap truly hopes all readers will find this balance. As other parents have asked him, Cap has advised each parent to read the book first and judge for themselves on behalf of their children.

Ms. Catheryn Park:
"I just finished reading your book, Phoenix Seduction. I wanted to let you know that I think you did a fine job. I am a long time sci-fi fan so I doubly enjoyed it. It may seem strange that with all the achievements and worthwhile endeavors of yours that the writing of a book should elicit a response from me. But, writing is not your job or duty in it is something you do because you have something in some part of yourself that you want to share with others and it takes a different kind of discipline and dedication. In my eyes, it is a very special accomplishment."

Ms. Bonita Slunder:
"Great Web Page! I too am a Commonwealth writer and although I'd never consider myself a big sci-fi fan, I really enjoyed Phoenix Seduction. Good Job!"

Ms. Greta Robertson:
"Cap, I read 'Phoenix Seduction.' I was really impressed."

Ms. Sharon Galligar Chance, Special Writer, Wichita Falls Times Record News:
"In his debut novel, "The Phoenix Seduction," former Marine aviator Cap Parlier recaptures the flavor and spirit of the golden age of science fiction. While lacking the classic timelessness of a typical Robert Heinlein novel or the fluid prose of L. Ron Hubbard's later SF works, Parlier's 'The Phoenix Seduction' is nevertheless a respectable introduction to the genre for this talented newcomer." [If you would like to read Sharon's article in the Wichita Falls Times Record News, click here.]

Cdr Royal Connell, USN (Ret):
"I have now finished reading it (The Phoenix Seduction) myself, having gotten a copy from Barnes & Noble here in Annapolis (not Waldenbooks like I say in the class art.). I really !!! liked it. I'm not a science fiction kinda guy, but the story and thought behind it really was terrific! I look forward to reading anything else you publish. It does make the list of favorite books of mine, and I will recommend it to those who are looking."

Mr. Dean Mefford (continued):
"I wrote to you earlier about your book when I had just finished the first couple of chapters. I stated I would write to you again when I had finished the book. Upon completion of the book my overall opinion is that it was a good Si-Fi book. I thought it was a slow starter. But it held my attention through out the book. I noticed you are able to write about the human interactions as well as the space adventures. I am more in to the space flight and battles. However I was still very interested in the book. As I stated in my first letter, I am still not comfortable with the repeated sexual content of the book. A lot of Si-Fi readers are not adults. If the book had been marked 'Contains adult subject matter,' it would be easier for parents to know if it was okay for our children to read. In closing I am giving your book a 7 on a 1-to-10. I think that is very good for a first book. I look forward to your next book. Just tone down the sex or mark it so parents will know."

Ms. Nancy Malcom: Staff Writer, The Nevada (MO) Daily Mail.
"I finished the book. The ending was very satisfying. I wish there had been a little more dialogue when Anod was leaving to fight, I believe it was page 450. I would have liked to know what she and Bradley talked about! Also, maybe a little more emotional responses from the locals to counter balance Anod's non-emotional attitudes. I particularly like the scene of her return from the starship, her clutching her son to her breast, a very moving scene. The book is great! And it has made me eager for the sequel! Best wishes, and keep writing!" [If you would like to read Nancy's article in The Nevada Daily Mail, click here.]

Mr. Dave Summers: author of: The Pirates of Sufiro.
"I just finished reading "The Phoenix Seduction." I just wanted to drop a note and say that I really enjoyed sharing Anod's journey of discovery on Beta. I think what was most refreshing about the book was its sense of balance. The military action was handled well (as I would expect with your background) while giving us a well detailed and (dare I say) sensitive account of Anod's discovery of sensuality. My only real complaint has to do with the fact that the Society appeared to buy all of its technology from the Federation of Star Trek. (I suspect your as much a fan of Trek as I am!) Essentially, transporters, warp speed, etc. sort of broke the illusion of reading about a universe that's not Star Trek and became distracting."

Col Fred Peck, USMC (Ret):
"I really loved your book and hope there's a sequel to it. Anod has to get the traitorous Capt Zitger and vaporize his evil ass. Is that why you didn't kill him off? I was very impressed with your character and plot development. It certainly kept my interest."

Ms. Kim Stevens:
" I enjoyed the book. I appreciated it more after, than during. Maybe I'm taking your book the wrong way, but I think that it was a lot deeper than most sci fi folks would go. In fact, I found it to be a philosophy book in disguise. Which explains why I appreciated it more after, than during. After I stepped away from the sci fi situation, the philosophical implications hit me.
"Because I believe that each of our individual spiritual, moral, and/or religious beliefs permiates any information we receive, I found the book extremely thought provoking and...great! It mirrors my thoughts on many social aspects of the human species. We (Americans) act like we're such a progressed species, yet we are only advanced technology wise - not spiritually. I find most of us to being spiritually ignorant.
"It was like all the Calvinists were transported to Beta and all the fundamentalists stayed on earth. I feel somewhat amused by Christian's rigidity and naivete and also by their focus on behavior modification rather than addressing why we do the things we do. For many Christians, the natural man is the enemy of their God. Yet, every day, they cannot help but be natural, and, therefore, end up as sinners and having to ask for forgiveness for being natural.
"In your book, you seemed to have a lot more feeling behind the issues than you verbalized. The written word is very powerful, but the feeling and thought that creates the written word, is even more compelling for someone like me.
"One of my favorite movies is "Blade Runner." It mirrors my thoughts of the further a society progress technologically, the more estranged they become from nature. Also, they become more primative spiritually. Keep in mind that by "spiritually," I mean that which makes us become more enlightened; that which prevents us from respect and understanding of other humans.
"Anyway, what I pondered that most was, what I really thought you were saying is that you see a time coming when we progress so far technologically, that we forget that we are human and instead mimic the machines we create."

Mr. Andy Slupe:
"I'm a 15 year old freshmen who saw your book in a book store and decided the cover looked good and read the back and decided that it would be a good read so I bought it. I started reading it thinking it was science fiction/star wars/bang, bang shootam up type of book. Around chapter ten I realized I was dead wrong. Your insights into human nature are fantastic. The conection you describe between two people during sex is one I've never heard before (only fifteen and reading about sex, what is this world coming to? j/k :-}). I am not making fun of you or your book with that last statement I was just adding humor to this letter. The connection you described was one I have never heard of before, I don't know if it's true or not and at this point I'm not worrying. What I'm trying to get at is that you are quite possibly one of the best writters who's book I have had the privledge reading. Just giving credit where credit is due."

Mr. Rus Stiles: experimental test pilot for Sikorsky Aircraft.
"I was in the bookstore recently during one of my trips to Philadelphia and looking for a Science Fiction book. I like to read Pohl and Pournelle - so I perusing through the 'P's, and stumbled across a "Parlier". Looked at the bio and your identity was unmistakable.
"I put it on the bookshelf until I could get to it last week. I gotta tell you, I really enjoyed it. Excellent, classic science fiction. Good message, but not too heavy on the philosophy. My 80 year old uncle science fiction buff says it has to have 'ray guns and rocket ships' - and yours were right in there. So now I check the 'P's each time I'm in a bookstore."

Mr. Jim Starkloff: author of: I.T.: The InnerTerrestrial:
"You are truly a gifted writer. I feel barely qualified to criticize your work. You have one hell of a story and tell it well. On a scale from one to five, The Phoenix Seduction rates four and one half stars. The only reason my critique will seem a little brutal is because you wanted it that way.
"Chapter one was a little slow to grip my attention. Most readers will read only the first couple of pages while standing in a bookstore. If they are not captivated after reading page two, the book goes back on the shelf. Anod should be playing chicken with the asteroid on page one. I'd incorporate the pertinent information later within the same chapter. I must admit: I'm guilty of the same thing in my own writing.
"In what year does your story take place? I didn't know that your story was a Star Trek crossover until Anod was found by starfleet. Strangely, it was a pleasant surprise. I normally don't read Star Trek media novels, because they read as if the writer doesn't give a damn about the reading audience.
"In chapter four, Anod and Nick were yakking enough in the cave to get the Yorax patrols attention. Hell, even I wouldn't need any sensor devices to detect them.
"For some reason, I visualized Anod (the steamy little superchick) as being played by Jeri Ryan (Seven of Nine), Thus, making me horny when I read your fantastic love scenes. If you add a little more porn, I think that you would make a great romance novelist as well as scifi.
"The Yorax interceptor wreckage that was found and hidden by the Betans was a good touch. It sort of reminded me of the alien spacecraft that was supposed to be hidden at Area 51.
"Wasn't the rockphone something used by the Flintstones? :-)
"Thanks for the great read."

Ms. Andrea Littlefield:
"I met you at your booksigning last year, in Wichita, and bought a couple copies of your book. I read it and really enjoyed it. One of the copies I gave to my sister as a gift and kept the other for myself. I ended up buying one more copy and donated it to the library here in Layton, Utah. Thanks for writing a book that was fun to read."

Jeannie & Joe Weber: Joe is the author of six novels from Defcon-One to Primary Target:
"Joe and I have finished your books and enjoyed them very much. Phoenix Seduction got me hooked -- great writing style and well paced. Both were good reads. Keep up the good work."

Dr. Mary M. Horowitz, MD:
"Just finished your book. I really liked it - interesting exploration of a world without intimacy (pros and cons) and the clash of two cultures. One question - why did Zitger do it?
"Don't know if I want to read you more recent one - it took me years to get over being a nervous flier and I don't want to risk a relapse. Let me know if you publish more science fiction, though."

Ms. Gwendolyn (Westfall) Raubolt::
"Congratulations on the forthcoming publication of Anod's Redemption. I read the Phoenix Seduction and enjoyed it very much. I was pleasantly surprised by the first book as I am not usually a science fiction fan."


The Phoenix Seduction” has not been in print for more than a decade.  Cap has a very limited number of copies; however, he will sell copies as long as they are available.  If you want to copy of this edition, please contact Cap via the Contact form for instructions.


Cap would be pleased and honored to provide any interested reader a personalized autographed copy of

"The Phoenix Seduction"

For those who would like a personally inscribed book, contact Cap via the site Contact form for instructions.


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