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The Clarity of Hindsight

World War II Seen from the Distance of a Half-Century
The Words and Deeds of the Era

                         IN THE RESEARCH process for the TO SO FEW series of historical novels, some folks suggested a vanguard non-fiction book to document the history that is the backdrop for the TO SO FEW series. After considerable effort in the U.S. and UK, it seemed like a reasonable suggestion.  Hindsight places key documents, speeches, treaties and other words that define the essence of World War II into the context of surrounding events. Understanding the events that shaped and illuminated the words helps us bring those words and events to relevance in our lives today.


THIS IS ONE entry in the 364 page manuscript that offers a flavor of the broader content.

Winston Churchill’s Warning on German Militarization

Winston Churchill gradually began to turn his intellectual and rhetorical attention from India to the developing situation in Germany. In the House of Commons, he delivered the first of many warnings regarding Germany's burgeoning nationalism, militarism and ominous intolerance.

[An excerpt from Churchill's speech to the House of Commons.]

"Now the demand is that Germany should be allowed to rearm. Do not delude yourselves. Do not let His Majesty's Government believe – I am sure they do not believe – that all that Germany is asking for is equal status. I believe the refined term now is equal qualitative status, or, as an alternative, equal quantitative status by indefinitely deferred stages. That is not what Germany is seeking. All these bands of sturdy Teutonic youths, marching through the streets and roads of Germany, with the light of desire in their eyes to suffer for their Fatherland, are not looking for status. They are looking for weapons, and, when they have the weapons, believe me they will then ask for the return of lost territories and lost colonies, and when that demand is made it cannot fail to shake and possibly shatter to their foundations every one of the countries I have mentioned, and some other countries I have not mentioned."

Note the date of this speech – two months prior to Hitler's ascendancy. Churchill saw the growing militancy in Germany with the same extraordinary clarity that he saw Hitler and Nazism. Seven years prior to the greatest war in human history Winston Churchill described the facts and what those facts meant to Britain, the world and peace. He consistently and eloquently illuminated the path the world traveled and the consequences of those choices. He also clearly saw the importance the United States played in world politics.

"They (Hitler Youth) are looking for weapons, and, when they have the weapons, believe me they will then ask for the return of lost territories and lost colonies." The consequences of the humiliating and debilitating terms of the Versailles Treaty were coming due. Churchill did not just sound the clarion; he offered a very simple solution. "The removal of the just grievances of the vanquished ought to precede the disarmament of the victors." Further, he drew focus upon the influence of the United States as a guarantor of peace – peace through strength – despite her absence from the League of Nations. Even in this, Churchill apologized for his "pessimism," when in fact and viewed in the clarity of hindsight, his observations and insight were the essence of realism.

For the frankness and directness that Churchill saw world events, he was ostracized by his colleagues, laughed at by the media, and called a warmonger. And yet, he would not be deterred. He withstood the isolation and ridicule. History would all too soon record the wisdom he brought to the world stage.


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                                                                                                  INTERESTING COVER ART CONCEPT

                 DURING THE PRE-PRODUCTION process, numerous cover art concepts are considered.  One of those many concepts evaluated includes the one shown above was the most intriguing and attractive.  The flag composite concept was designed by Nicholas Ready, 13 years of age (2016), and deserves recognition for the symbolism capture in his design.  

First, the flags representing the principal Allied and Axis countries of World War II are arranged in an illustrative pinwhell manner with the Axis countries on the interior and the Allies countries surrounding the Axis nations.  The central black "crocked cross" Swastika represents the focus of the Allies on the defeat of Nazi Germany first, before Imperial Japan.  Some may notice that France is included in the Axis countries, which is appropriate in that throughout most of World War II, Vichy France -- the surviving entity representing France -- was under the direct control of or occupied by Nazi Germany, and fought the Allies in several locations.

Unfortunately, the cover art concept could not be made to work with the other essential information in a successful cover concept.  Cap likes the concept sufficiently to include this separate section in his web site page devoted to the book.


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 Mr. Tom Rains:
"Being somewhat of a history buff, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Being an American, I believe that it ought to be mandatory reading:-) I,ve used it for reference several times.?."


Parlier, Cap. The Clarity of Hindsinght.  Solvang, CA: Saint Gaudens Press, 2016.

ISBN:  print: 978-0-943039-29-9
eBook: 978-0-943039-30-5
Kindle: B01KIQNDB8

 Library of Congress Catalog Number: 2016-902792


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