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WARNING: For those who may be offended by erotic material, please leave this page HERE.

Erotic Material

                   THE BOOKS NOTED in the table below are provided only for those who may be interested in such material.  The owner and operator of this website offers neither endorsement nor recommendation for the books noted.  They are simply interesting examples of erotic material readers may find of value. No links are provided.  However, each selection noted below is available in print and all eBook formats.  Because of the adult material contained in these books, the reader may have to pass through adult filters.

                    Again, if any visitor has reached this point in navigating this website either out of curiosity or by mistake, and erotic material is not your cup of tea, you are strongly encouraged to leave this page NOW

                     Also, if you are NOT at least 18 years of age, you must leave this section NOW.

                     For those who are older than 18 years of age and are interested in such material, enjoy the books noted below.  You will not be disappointed.

                     New additions will be added as they become illuminated.



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