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ANOD Series

The ANOD Series
 of Science Fiction novels
Cap Parlier



                                            THE ANOD SERIES of science fiction novels swirls the story of trial and conflict around a warrior-pilot of the Society's Kartog Guards. Anod is physically a genetically engineered clone who is chronologically 47 years of age at the beginning of the series and yet only 22 years of anatomical age. Her enhanced senses give her extraordinary capabilities and all emotion has been eliminated to avoid clouding her logic. The Society evolved to unify mankind on Earth and eradicate the destructive forces that have plagued humans through the millennia. The warrior class, of which Anod holds the junior rank of lieutenant, is one of five of the elite classes that lead and support the vast majority of humans who are free to do anything and everything whenever they want as long as they abide by the laws. One of those laws is a prohibition on physical procreation in place for more than 200 years. Emotional response is seen as weakness. Anod's routine service to the Society is challenged, and her world is turned upside down.


BOOK I: "ANOD'S SEDUCTION    Published  [Reprint of The Phoenix Seduction]
                       LIEUTENANT ANOD, A servant of the Society, while on patrol with her team, is ambushed by an unknown force. When she awakes, she finds herself among humans banished from Earth centuries earlier. Anod is confronted by the haunting question: what is it that defines someone as human? She learns of her humanness from these descendants of Earth who retained their agrarian, technology-abhorrent, cultural roots on the distant planet, Beta. The crucible of cultural conflict draws from the best of both worlds to create a new branch in the tree of Homo Sapiens. Anod learns of her betrayal as she fights to save the people who saved her.


BOOK II: "ANOD'S REDEMPTION" Published                          


                       ANOD, BANISHED WARRIOR of the Society's elite Kartog Guards, comes to grip with the vast changes in her life. The undeniable attraction of her son and mate lessens the sting of her separation from the Society, the only 'family' she has ever known. Anod and Bradley decide to begin anew. While the pioneer settlers of Murtauri Four continue to expand their new community under the protection of the Society's starships, Anod's nemisis, the former Captain Zitger, now Yorax General Negolian, has waited for the starships to leave. Anod is faced once again by his betrayal and tyranny. She learns the joy of love, and suffers the devastation of loss, as she leads her people out of the abyss as she finally confronts her pursuer.

Blank Book Cover                       THE MURTAURIANS STRUGGLE with the damage wrought by the Yorax and display the resiliency of adaptation that has been the hallmark of humankind through the ages. Anod, the reluctant and unanimous leader of the Murtaurians, makes her contribution to the recovery of her people. The alliance with the Society and the Confederation grows. The Society invites Anod to return to Earth to be recognized for her heroism. While she resists the invitation, her people successfully pressure her to make the journey on behalf of all Murtaurians. For the first visit in her life, Anod arrives to find an Earth far different from the image that sustained her through many trials. Anod fills in the gaps in her knowledge of human history. And yet, the call of her people brings Anod back to Murtauri Four.


BOOK IV: "???"  

What does the future hold for Anod?

Who wants to contribute to Anod's future?


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