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Parlier Paternal Heritage

CAP's PATERNAL HERITAGE along with a little associated history.  Cap’s lineage is highlighted in RED with the order of birth for each generation from left to right.

Jean Perlier
Jean was a Pilote de Navire and married Marie Arnaud (27.11.1667), who bore them two sons.  The Perlier family were Huguenots in La Tremblade, France, when King Louis XIV issued the Edict of Fontainebleau (18.10.1685) to coerce the Protestants to convert to Catholicism, if necessary by force, and enforce the old motto “one king, one faith, one law.”  Jean was reported deceased in 1686.  The widow Perlier sought the assistance of her father, who was a merchant ship captain, to smuggle her two sons and her out of France and away for religious persecution.  They arrived in New York City in 1686.

Jean Perlier – Andre
Jean was declared freeman of New York (1695).  He married Anne Rezeau in the French (Hugenot) Church, New York City (25.12.1696).  Jean served with South Company, North Carolina Militia during the Tuscarora War (1711-1715).

John Parlier – Anne – Elizabeth – Abraham – Peter – Mary – Sarah – Esther – Martha
John was born in Staten Island, New York (5.9.1703).  He married Abigail Jones in New York (1733) and Ann (1745).  John died in Abbotts Creek, Davidson County, North Carolina (1771).

Elizabeth – Edward – Peter – Isaac Parlier – Nancy
Isaac was born in Abbots Creek, Davidson County, North Carolina (1745).  He married and unknown woman in Wilkes County, North Carolina (1775) and Mary Soots in Wilkes County, North Carolina (2.8.1799).  Isaac died in Wilkes County, North Carolina (1835).

John O. Parlier – Unkn – Unkn – Unkn – Unkn – Margaret – Rachel
John was born in Davidson County, North Carolina (1774), and died in Perry County, Illinois.

Unkn – Unkn – Isaac Newton Parlier, Sr. – Abraham – Allen – Hiram – Riley
Isaac was born in Wilkes County, North Carolina (1803) and died in Springfield, Sangamon County, Illinois (1864).

Allen – Catherine – John – Isaac Newton Parlier, Jr.
I.N. was born in Springfield, Illinois (22.10.1842).  He married Mary Melissa Laird in Jefferson County, Illinois (15.11.1863).  I.N. enlisted in Company ‘C,’ 152nd Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment and fought in the western campaigns of the Civil War.  Isaac and his family moved via train {in 3 railcars: 1 for people, 1 for animals, and 1 for household goods & equipment} to California circa 1874.  They settled on land purchased from the railroad for $5/acre in the San Joaquin Valley. There were no roads, no trees, no power and no water. The nearest fresh water was 5 miles away.  Isaac established the town of Parlier, incorporated in 1912, where he passed in 1916.

Eliza -- Charles Allen Parlier -- Carrie -- George -- Nora -- William -- Joseph -- Mary -- Lula
Cap’s namesake

Charles N. -- Chester Herbert Parlier -- Carl -- Clark -- Clyde -- Grace -- I.N. -- Mary
Chester lived through both of the 20th Century's world wars. He was too young for the first and too old for the second, but his older brother saw combat as a Marine in World War I, and his sons served in World War II with his two oldest sons surviving combat.
Private Charles Newton Parlier, USMC – 6th Marine Regiment, Belleau Wood, France, World War I
Private First Class I.N. Parlier, USAAC – stateside, World War II
Mary Melissa Parlier – American Red Cross, Ft. Lewis, Washington, World War II

Charles Frederick Parlier -- Herbert -- Merton -- Catheryn -- Margaret
Charles & Doris moved the family from Reedley to San Mateo, California, in 1953.  They remained there through the school years of the children. In 1981, they moved to Arvin, California, to manage Parlier-Arvin Vineyards.
Sergeant Charles Frederick Parlier, USA – 96th Infantry Division, Leyte, Philippines
Staff Sergeant Herbert Davis Parlier, USA – 28th Infantry Division, Hürtgen Forest, Germany
Technical Sergeant Merton Burch Parlier, USA – 2nd Infantry Division, Ft. Lewis, Washington

Charles Allen Parlier II [CAP] -- Jonathan -- Melissa
Cap & Jeanne have been on the move ever since, living in Mesa, AZ; Andover, KS; Hatfield, England; Andover, KS; Prescott, AZ; Wichita, KS; Finale Ligure, Italia; and finally, retirement in Wichita, Kansas.
Lieutenant Colonel Charles Allen “Cap” Parlier, II, USMCR (Ret.) [USNA 1970] – 3rd Reconnaissance Battalion, 3rd Marine Division, Vietnam
Colonel Gregory Hugh Parlier, USA (Ret.) [USMA 1974] – 82nd Airborne Division
Lieutenant Colonel Sanford Norman Parlier, USA (Ret.) [USMA 1978] – 25th Infantry Division

Jacy -- Courtney -- Tyson -- Taylor
Lance Corporal Courtney Warden Parlier, USMC – Security Force Regiment, Guantánamo Bay, Cuba
Corporal Taylor Warden Parlier, USMC – 7th Marine Regiment, Western Pacific

Aspen -- Tylyn – Jack – Shalee – Judson – Avalon -- Wyatt


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